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April's Progress Savings/Retirement

April 2nd, 2016 at 05:08 pm

April is starting well. We fully funded my ROTH (Vanguard $5500) for 2016 & Xmas fund ($2500). The next phase of focus are retirements, car fund, savings/home renovation for the remainding year.

While we continue to add extra principal payment, we have severals big items coming up 1) our two dogs need teeth cleanings, 2) looking for a decent treadmill, 3) kitchen renovation. Not exactly sure how much this will cost, but we are hoping to cash flow most of the cost (once we have bidders), except the kitchen which we have set up fund on monthly basis. We need treadmill because of our allergy. I love running but on 'hot days' its tough to get outdoor. So we're hoping to find one soon. Our kitchen needs new garbage disposal and new dishwasher. But DW wants to redo the kitchen & the bathroom. Im guessing we need to tackle the kitchen first. Once we the know the cost and how much to spend, we can start funding it more aggressively, if necessary we can redirect the car fund to renovation fund.

We've been going back in forth for several weeks whether to increase my wife's 403(b) & 457 contributions. Right now it set up at 8%, but we finally decided to increase to 10%. Our goal this year is to sock away a total of $28,937.77, or 15% gross income, excluding our State & UC mandatory public pension contributions.

April's Savings:
1) Car Fund - $3,600
2) X-Mas Fund $2,500
3) 529 Plan - $400
4) Savings/Renovation $1,300

Retirement Contributions:
5) ROTH - $5,500
6) 457 Deferred - $4,000
7) 403b - $1,836.80
8) 457 UC - $282.40
9) CALPERS - $1,368.00
10) UC RET - $1,836.80

Savings: $7,800.00
Retirements: $14,824.00

YTD Total Combined: $22,624.00

2 Responses to “April's Progress Savings/Retirement”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    Wow. Nice job on the savings!

  2. tripods68 Says:

    Being consistent is the key....thank you! Smile

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