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Turned 40 last week...

September 29th, 2008 at 09:34 am

I thought this day will never come, but it did. My wife planned a well-executed suprised Birthday Party this past Saturday. Now all the cloak-and-dagger finally made sense. You see my wife had stashed all the gifts/party favors underneath in our guess bedroom. When i first discovered it about a month ago, she told me it was for her coworker's birthday party. Well...suprise suprise. It was all for me...I was completely tricked all the way around. I that guy eyes caught like a DEER in the headlight. I have to give my wife credit...she pulled it offSmile

So the party was this Saturday but my actual birthday was last Thursday so I thought since we already blew out my birthday cake that night at home joined by my parents and relatives. Well that was just part 1.

Part 2 was held in the same restuarant location we had our wedding reception five half years ago. It was a quite familiar place. So as we were walking-in pulled the curtain....VIOLA! SUPRISED SUPRISED. My face turned AMAZINGLY RED....I was shocked in disbelief. Everyone just suddenly swarmed me a like BEE congratulating me. And I was looking at my wife as if it was really for me. Everyone was there, friends, family, and old friends from the 20 years ago. I was so SUPRISED and almost shed some tears. I mean, everyone was there; about 75 people showed up. We had some relatives that drove from Los Angeles, some came from the Bay Area, but everyone else live locally. My wife's bestfriend co-host the event and prepared all the goodies; Hawaiin Theme, everyone were wearing Hawaiin shirts, shorts, sandals---mahalo style. They played photo slideshows of me during my teen years, some old photos were shown which I haven't seen for decades. There was some KODAK moment for me especially a photo of me and my grandpa the day I graduated college. My wife hosted the Trivia game (about me, what's my favorite dish, football theme etc..)she was passing lottery tickets, showed a small video clip featured host my son Ryan who is 4 years old at his preschoold with his teachers, and his classmates. It was truly AMAZING SPECIAL NIGHT! My first ever suprised birthday party, something that I won't never forget, like a kid in the candy store. I was getting $40 in cash as gifts from almost everyone.

I was completely speechless that whole night. Man...I can't wait for my 50th Birthday Party Celebration Smile