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Enjoy my days off last week...

November 15th, 2008 at 11:25 am

I wasn't planning it all, but it just work out that way somehow. Last Monday I woke up very lethargic and sick. The next day was it a holiday. Wednesday was already scheduled day off to take care some personal matter. I came back to work Thursday but left to go home around 11 am feeling still "sucky" the entire morning. And Friday was the same so I stayed pretty home all week. The good news I still have about 140 hours of PTO. My boss will be out for 2 days next week. That's good so I can catch-up on my work without any disturbance.

I love my mom...

November 13th, 2008 at 10:04 am

My parents helped me put down $20K down payment towards our home 5 years ago. I've reached 10K left remaining balance as of yesterday after dropping at her house. She told me out of the blue that I'm no longer to pay her back. I was shocked of course...maybe she had won a lot from her Bingo winnings. She sometimes doesn't tell me how much she wins, nor obligated but she does anyway. But she really sounded serious. She wants me to apply the remaining payments towards my two kids 529 plan. I'm already set up making $50 a month. So now I'm upping that contributions to $150 a month each.

Just one of those nights....

November 2nd, 2008 at 11:01 am

So I had my kids buckled in the car seats already getting ready to go out for pizza. Pressed the garage door opener and turned on the engine--not knowing, the garage door did not open all the way up.So as I was backing out, all I heard was this expensive slamming sound noise. You know, what I'm talkin about? Got out and check the damages. It turned out to be a minor damage. But obviously its going to cost few hundreds. Some bending on the railing but real damage on the section panel. I also knew I wasn't able to take the car out. So I called for delivery instead.

I went online to find any garage repair shops that are still open. Luckily there was few shops that does emergency repair. One repair shop suggested that I should replace the entire doors since the labor cost will equal the cost of a new panel sections anyway. They said it cost just $750.00. But I didn't need to replace anything. So I called another shop who was willing to repair the garage door but charges $59.99 to come over plus $300.00 labor. The labor seems a lot but given the situation, I thought I might as well since I didn't have the tools to repair it myself. Altogether it cost me $350.00 plus $30.00 pizza.

I'd say it was an expensive dinner.

The good news, this is the first time we had to tap our EF. We had $12K EF balance, current balance is now $11,650.00.